Property Valuers You Should Never Make

Need the only difference is the trademark one East Brained Rolex and the other is not he’s a genuine Rolex’s there a difference in the actual value well of course Rolex watch he’s much more valuable even though the good side otherwise i simply putting that Raleigh strike mark with no other changes has my one wants so much more valuable then another than the other so i win when you think about it value is really hard to define we woods we’d certainly need more rules to value reported mite Sadat the border so how.

Did the gap actually define actual value when we get tux I bought a funny the actual value is the price spy article the get goes on to cite actual value should be the price at which such a lot merchandise is sold of the force I’ll in the ordinary course who tried under fully competitive conditions so that’s it yet to ban you is the price hi to me the price he’s by far the best representation all the value what better way to really define value venue to the Bonhomie is what buyer willing to pay for value for the cell is what I willing to sell it for it’s just my seats importantly is also something teethe third party like customs can observe documents generated in the style and these documents can prove to customs what the price was and heats what the value eats so that’s it value equals the price spike it should work well or rent with Sigma bit more about bill you bring the price pie now I know this is a little bit of vision butt be with me there will be a moral to this story and to luxury apartments in this building on Queensland’s.

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